Hobbs Furniture was started in the early 1960s as Hobbs Brothers Furniture by the three Hobbs brothers; Howard “Penny”, Ed, and Donald. The brothers launched their furniture store business selling used furniture on Cedar Hill Road, just outside Ardmore, Tennessee. As the business grew, the brothers began to offer new furniture as well. In no time 1968, they outgrew their original furniture store and build a new building on Main Street in Ardmore, Tennessee.

By 1990, Penny Hobbs was the sole owner of Hobbs Furniture. Upon his death in 1993, the furniture business was passed to the second generation, Anthony “Amp” Hobbs, Ricks Hobbs and Shell Beddingfield. Amp died in 2007, and the third generation, his children Chad and Wendy Hobbs, entered the business.

Hobbs Furniture started as a family business, and continues that way to this day. From the friendly atmosphere and personal service to the family pictures hanging on the walls, the entire staff of Hobbs Furniture is dedicated to serving your family.hobbs-building